Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Preparing for the trip!

Hey everyone, I’ve been going through the process of preparing for my trip to Sri Lanka, Kenya, and New York City, and I thought I’d share some of the experience with you!

First things first: vaccinations. Luckily, since I’ve done some international travel before, I wasn’t required to have too many! I ended up getting a yellow fever shot, typhoid pills, and a prescription for anti-malarial medication. Not too bad for a trip across three continents! I’ve also been exercising regularly and trying to eat as healthy as possible, in order to prepare my body for the strain of constant travel. I’m sure the huge quantities of tea I’ve been drinking will also help with this!

I’ve been drinking a lot of black teas lately, which happens to be the specialty of Sri Lanka and Kenya, to also help with the preparation. I love the boost of energy it gives me!

I am also starting to pack, which is much more difficult than I originally thought. Luckily the weather won’t vary too much from country to country but there is still a lot to consider and think about.  Any suggestions for items that I can’t forget?  (I know bug spray is a must!)

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